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Super Affiliate Network TrialNEW: Work From Home Affiliate Network!

With the recent crackdown on these work from home networks, we don’t review them very often anymore.  That’s because, honestly, a lot of them are dishonest, and try to fleece unsuspecting consumers of their hard-earned cash.  That’s why we hold off on writing about them a lot of times.  But we still go through and check them out.  Fortunately, we’ve been reading and doing research on this new Super Affiliate Network and it’s been proving to be a lot more than your typical “get rich quick” scheme.

The first place that’s apparent is in the structure of the Super Affiliate Network, which covers everything from training, to traffic seeding, to weekly coaching circles.  Compared to other work from home opportunities the fee structure is straight forward too.  At a introductory $1 to get started, the fee structure moves to a flat $47 a month.  We don’t often recommend these kind of programs, but Super Affiliate Network is doing just about everything right.  They’re up front about fees and prices.  They give solid training and coaching opportunities.  And, they appear to be giving people a solid way to make money.  You can check out their program, hear from a few members, and get signed up by clicking the link below!


How Does Super Affiliate Network Work?

If you ignore the sometimes hyperbolic statements of the marketing team for the company, you can dig into what’s actually going on with their program.  From what we can gather, the Super Affiliate Network works by coaching it’s subscribers in how to use affiliate networks in what they call a “Profit Boosting Bootcamp”  This boot camp addresses; how to generate leads, how to maximize commission, and how to create a sustainable system for generating profits long term.  In addition to the the Boot Camp, users also get One on One coaching, as well as access to the weekly inner circle coaching program.

Super Affiliate Network Benefits:

  • Set Fee Structure
  • One On One Coaching
  • Significant Training For Users
  • Solid Support Services
  • Hugely Trending Service

 Is Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

We always answer this question for ourselves before we recommend it to anybody.  After all, who’s to say our mother, grandmother or someone close to us could read our review, and go on to use the service based on our information.  Here’s the deal.  It doesn’t appear to be a scam.  It gives an up front fee subscription, which is something a lot of programs keep hidden until they have your credit card info.  The site and the pitches all make sense, and they’re professionally done.  So if this is an affiliate marketing scam, it’s a very well-conceived one.

How To Access The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network is exclusively available through providers like us, which makes it a bit harder to get into than your typical network.  We like that aspect of the network, and to be honest, there are some things that we really like about it.  If you’re interested in doing your own research, click the banner below.  There are a about 7 videos you can watch there, plus get a step by step walk through of the process by S.A.N. founder Misha Wilson (pictured below).  If you’re ready to get started, click the banner!  Thanks for reading our review!  Make sure to check out our other reviews by heading to the home page here!

Super Affiliate Network Review